728028021493Over the past seven years, livpurely™ has been dedicated and devoted to providing our customers with the finest organic skin care products nature has to offer. Our handmade, cold-processed 100% unheated organic coconut oil is made from the highest grade organic coconuts in the world and is the base for all of our products.

Coconut oil is one of the best undiscovered natural skin moisturizers available. Not only does it soften the top layer of your skin, its special properties allow it to be quickly absorbed leaving dry damaged skin looking and feeling more vibrant and rejuvenated.

LivPurely™ coconut oil is cold processed which helps it maintain its original molecular structure ensuring that the natural emollients remain present. These emollients have the amazing ability to penetrate deep into the skin helping to combat the signs of aging.

Most expensive creams and lotions are chemically treated and consist predominately of water. When water enters the skin, it expands making the skin appear more youthful, however, the effects are temporary and when the water evaporates the dry wrinkled skin returns. On the other hand, when livpurely™ coconut moisturizer is applied, it retains the moisture content of the skin and keeps moisture from escaping through the pores replenishing essential oils lost due to sun exposure.

Skin is the body’s largest organ. Free radicals are the culprits that attack the skin’s connective fiber causing premature aging. As a result, skin loses its elasticity and strength causing it to become wrinkled. Heroic little molecules called antioxidants, fight free radicals preventing them from damaging the skin. When livpurely™ coconut oil is massaged into the skin, it creates a protective barrier from outside elements with the added benefit of improving circulation to your body.

Most conventional skin care products on the market today are made with refined oils, which are stripped of anti-oxidants. livpurely™ coconut oil moisturizer is totally pure and especially effective in fighting free radicals because it hasn’t been stripped of the anti-oxidants that protect the skin from aging. Livpurely™ coconut oil is 100% totally fragrance, chemical, and paraben-free. So why not let nature do the healing, keeping your body looking and feeling its best in the outfit you made your very first appearance in, your skin.