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4 Beauty Uses For Coconut Oil You Might Not Expect

In today's world, you can find coconut oil in most households for one use or another. Whether it is in the kitchen for cooking or in the bathroom for skin care, coconut oil is a very diversified product and is utilized in many different ways. Below you will find 4 surprising ways to utilize the coconut oil you already love! Shaving: Want a clean shave that will leave your skin soft and moisturized? Warm your coconut oil bottle under hot wat
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Which Type Of Coconut Oil Should I Choose?

When buying coconut oil you have many options and products to choose from.  One very important factor to consider is the version of the coconut oil the product contains. There are many versions to choose from (Virgin, extra virgin, pure, refined, organic and fractionated) and depending on your need for the product will determine the version of coconut oil you should buy. According to, "When you want to buy coconut oil, you need to decide why you need it and where you are going
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Benefits of Coconut Oil for Skin

Did you know that by fighting the free radical attacks on the skin, coconut oil can give you smooth and supple skin, free of wrinkles and blemishes making coconut oil as a skin moisturizer is very popular and widely accepted? Coconut oil aids the skin in getting rid of the dead cells to help give you a smooth and glossy look.
This oil can protect you from the blemishes caused as a result of aging and sunlight exposure. Apart from enhancing the appearance of the skin,
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3 Ways To Protect Your Skin And Hair In The Summertime

Summer is now in full swing!  A beautiful time of the year to relax in the sun and enjoy our favorite activities. Spending the day at the ocean, swimming in the pool or hiking our favorites spots are just a few ways to enjoy the summertime.  But did you know that this time of year can be very rough on your skin and hair? Although we all love to spend time outdoors, the summer and many of the activities we enjoy can actually cause damage to our skin and hair. To prevent and cure the damage that the summertime can cause, there is only one p