I work at the cancer center and work with cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Skin is the largest organ on our body. It becomes easily compromised due to the harsh side effects of treatment. As an advocate for our patients, I recommend livPurely Organics to my patients and they love it. I also personally use the coconut oil and the coconut bar soap. In the winter I love the moisturizer as my night cream.

Thank you for making a product that is healthy for those in treatment and out of treatment!

Seven years ago I made a radical decision to throw out any and all beauty products that contained more than three ingredients ; I found livPurely organics’ Coconut Bar Soap. To this day, it is the only soap I use on my face and I have never had a single outbreak or flare up. In fact, many friends and strangers often ask me what my beauty regimen is because the product has left my skin feeling elastic, smooth, moisturized and glowing.  I cannot recommend this company enough! Happy that the brand is expanding, it is well deserved and more people need to know about these products. My philosophy with my skin is more affordable, simpler, and purer products. LivPurely lives up to that in spades. Thank you!

I have been using livPurely organics products for several years and love that I can have amazing products that aren’t overly processed. I use the moisturizer everyday on my face and hands as well as on scrapes (my kids love that it doesn’t sting!). I use the Blood Orange and Vanilla Oils daily as well. The light fragrances are just the right balance of smelling nice, without setting off my allergies.

I am addicted to livpurely organics coconut oil moisturizer. I add it to my bath water, massage it onto my face and body and often feel the urge to eat it. Because the coconut oil is so pure, I feel safe and healthy using this amazing product, and my skin appears to glow from within. The best!

I used to suffer from moderate/severe rosacea and have so many allergies to chemicals and many plant based products. It literally took me years to find a soap that I could use on my face/body without having an allergic reaction. I hope they never change this soap. Their plain bar is just coconut only so it’s easy to see if you are allergic to it or not. The texture of my face is smooth and have gotten compliments that my face looks great and the rosacea is barely noticeable at all. I don’t have to wear makeup anymore. I buy hordes of the stuff and have gotten my extended family hooked. I even recommended it to my dermatologist for people like me who seem to be allergic to everything. I think it’s just my skin telling me that there’s bad stuff in so many products out there today, so scary. It truly is pure. Love it!

I wanted to let you know that I use the bar of  coconut soap on my hair instead of shampoo and really like it. My hair doesn’t tangle after rinsing.