Which Type Of Coconut Oil Should I Choose?

Coconut with green leaves

When buying coconut oil you have many options and products to choose from.  One very important factor to consider is the version of the coconut oil the product contains. There are many versions to choose from (Virgin, extra virgin, pure, refined, organic and fractionated) and depending on your need for the product will determine the version of coconut oil you should buy.

According to www.organicfacts.net, “When you want to buy coconut oil, you need to decide why you need it and where you are going to use it. Your choice should be based on your need, like whether you want it for edible purposes or as a carrier oil to be used in aromatherapy, for massaging, for weight loss, or for medicinal purposes.”

Below is a helpful list to guide you to the right version of coconut oil that is based on your needs.

Weight Loss———–Virgin
As a Carrier Oil——-Virgin, Fractionated
Good Health———-Virgin, Organic
Massaging————-Pure, Refined
Hair——————–Pure, Refined
Medicinal uses——–Virgin, Virgin Organic

When you select your coconut oil, make sure the version of oil it contains, is the best one based on your intentions for the product.


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